Campanies World Cup Pool?

Want to organize a professional World Championship soccer pool? For your company, customers, relations? The online WC soccer pool offers your this possibility. Because of the diverse design options you can simply adjust your pool to the needs of your company. We can customize the design for you, but you can also make your own design or let someone else make it. After which we will implement your design in the pool.

In 8 short steps you can start your own online pool. Decide the number of players in ‘Request a pool’ and register your choice for a design option. Do you not yet know which options you would like? You can choose standard. It is possible to upgrade your pool at a later date. Choose your web domain, decide on your password and with an email address your registration is complete. Have you already chosen a number of players or one of the design options? The pool offers the possibility to pay directly by an iDeal payment. It is also possible to receive an invoice.

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